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Let award-winning inventor, acclaimed entrepreneur and author Andrea Rose help you navigate the difficult task of turning your idea into a reality by signing up for her Inventing to Win™: The Road To Inventing online digital course. Learn her step-by-step, easy to understand, approach in how to take an “Idea to Industry™”…included are documents, worksheets, and more!!! For more information, visit

The Inventors Road ShowTM
Andrea Rose® founded “The Inventors Road Show™” (, in order to provide inventors and entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed. Through my nationwide workshops and private consulting practice, I was able to teach hundreds of inventors how to turn their ideas into assets.
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Female Inventor of the Year

Fashion Invention
Who's Who Top 100 Inventors

The Female Inventor of the Year award was given to renowned inventor, author, lecturer, designer, and artist Andrea Rose® by Chicago-based Ocean Tomo for her innovative, patented online shopping invention. The patent was originally licensed by My Virtual Model, a Canadian firm whose clients included such notable companies as Lands’ End, Sears, and H&M, to name a few. Andrea Rose's patent assists the online shopper in several ways. Read More.

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Fashion Empowerment

Reuters and "Andrea Rose's beauty products are tools that empower women to become their own fashion expert."

Your Stylefitter® Pocketbook Fashion AdvisorTM System

The patented Stylefitter® Pocketbook Fashion AdvisorTM System is a road map to discovering your fashion self. Andrea Rose®, the award-winning inventor and well-known fashion designer, created the Your Stylefitter® Pocketbook Fashion AdvisorTM System to make you feel like you have a fashion expert with you as you learn how to become your own fashion consultant. Once you use the Stylefitter® you will begin to take control of your fashion life and no longer feel you have A Closet Full of Clothes with Nothing to WearTM.

A Note From Andrea Rose®:
"I invented Your Stylefitter® Pocketbook Fashion AdvisorTM and wrote these fashion self-help books to help women become their own fashion consultant. I believe every woman can take control of her fashion life by learning, being open to change, and believing in herself. I hope these products will serve as tools to assist women in making themselves feel self-confident, attractive, and a star in their own lives." -Andrea Rose®

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Fashion Self-Help Books

Andrea Rose® has written several self-help books to enable you to achieve your fashion goals. Andrea Rose® hopes that after reading her books you will no longer feel you have "A Closet Full of Clothes with Nothing to WearTM. Andrea has been a fashion designer on Seventh Avenue for twenty-five years and has written Secrets of a Fashion Designer: How To Be Your Own Fashion Consultant©, 100 Quick Fashion Tips©, and 24 Hours of Accessorizing© to enable you to discover for yourself how to build a successful wardrobe.

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Andrea Rose® at her NYC event "A Closet Full of Clothes with Nothing to WearTM", demonstrating with an audience volunteer a technique to redesign clothing.

ARStyleTM Institute

A Word From the Founder, Andrea Rose®

My many years as a fashion designer, lecturer, author, and inventor have culminated in the opening of the ARStyleTM Institute. The institute was created to serve as an alternative online fashion community for our members, helping them to become empowered and take control of their fashion and beauty life. The ARStyleTM Institute is a place to advance women's awareness and self-esteem through a variety of exciting and innovative programs, products, and services. On the drawing board are various satellite locations for the online site, which are planned for the near future. To learn more, visit


Andrea Rose's philosophy is "Be a star in your own lifeTM and become empowered. Learn the secrets of the fashion and beauty industry and make yourself your own leading lady.”

Reuters and "Andrea Rose's beauty products are tools that empower women to become their own fashion expert."

Andrea Rose®, award-winning inventor, author, and fashion expert, has entered the world of beauty with her innovative line of products. From her early years in the Halston workrooms to working as a fashion designer on Seventh Avenue, Andrea Rose® always aspired to achieve excellence. To learn more about Andrea Rose’s beauty products, click here.

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Screening Room

Andrea Rose® Feature Films and TV Sitcoms

Andrea has always loved observing people and is curious about how life’s circumstances can both enrich and destroy people. She brings her observations about the human condition to her movies. Every one of her characters has something unique to say about life and its many faces. She derives her inspiration from her own life experiences and the experiences of those around her. Andrea’s subject matter is as complex as life itself. Her movie Behind the Veil is an inspiring human adventurer story, Blind Love speaks of the agony of the human spirit, Courage the Cub is a whimsical animated movie that is both entertaining and uplifting, and Behind the Hedges Palm Beach Chronicles is a comedy about the privileged class that is hilarious, tragic, and true to life. She is currently planning on optioning her movies and looks forward to bringing them to both television and the wide screen.

*Behind the Veil© (Dramatic Comedy)

*Blind Love© (Dramatic Love Story)

*Courage the Cub© (Animated Film)

*Behind the Hedges Palm Beach Chronicles© (Television Sitcom)

*Palm Beach for Newbies© (A Coffee Table Satire)

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A Closet Full of Clothes
with Nothing to Wear©

Written, Produced, and Hosted
by Andrea Rose®
"Andrea Rose® is a fashion pioneer."

Andrea Rose's empowerment event "A Closet Full of Clothes with Nothing to Wear©" is exciting, entertaining, and informative. Andrea shares with you the secrets of the fashion industry and provides the tools that will empower and transform the way you think about fashion. Learn More

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Andrea Rose® Event (NYC)
Andrea Rose® "A Closet Full of Clothes"(NYC)
Andrea Rose® Palm Beach (Palm Beach)

Press Room

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"Andrea Rose® has made me look at how I dress in a new way. She has instantly changed my life"
-Karen Hicks

"Andrea Rose® has opened my eyes to new ways of dressing for myself. I will never look at fashion in the same way again."
-Kathleen Landis

"Attending Andrea Rose's event was time well spent, and I am sure having attended her event will now save me both time and money every time I shop."
-Sue Daring

"I had so much fun at Andrea Rose's event and I also learned a great deal. I recommend this to every woman."
-Marie Thomas

Fashion Tips
  • Classic styles are easier to accessorize; the simple lines are the foundation for many different looks.
  • Use accessories sparingly; you don't want them to compete with each other for attention.
  • Turn plain shoes fancy by adding shoe clips.
  • No other piece of jewelry makes the same kind of statement as a pearl necklace. The length of the necklace you choose to wear changes your look.
  • Add a belt and a brooch to a simple jacket for a whole new look.

Inventions in Beauty Products

ARcosmetics® Instant HighlightsTM enables you to instantly create both highlights and lowlights in your hair.

Age Away® Root Color Concealer touches up your roots instantly at home or on the go.

Funlights™ is a temporary color that washes out easily With one stroke of your Funlights™ Hairlights™, an ordinary look appears extraordinary.

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Additional Beauty &
Skin Care Products

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World of Inventions
by Andrea Rose®

Home & Garden
Fashion & Beauty

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Artist Loft

Paintings by Andrea Rose®

From her earliest years, Andrea Rose® loved to draw. She was eight years old when she realized she had artistic talent. While sitting at her desk in elementary school, she began drawing a Japanese woman in costume. Her teacher approached her and made her feel special by complimenting her and showing her drawing to the class as an exceptional piece of art. This recognition made her aware that she had a special skill in art. Later, when remembering that moment, she realized the figure she drew was taken from the wallpaper in her home, which she was able to recall, copy, and draw from memory exactly as it appeared.

Throughout her life she has been fascinated with portraits and seascapes. In college she focused on learning about the Impressionistic school. Paintings by Renoir and Mary Cassatt became her favorites. Andrea decided to use her artistic talent by becoming a fashion designer. However, she never stopped painting. When Andrea traveled to the south of France and visited Renoir’s home, she felt and knew she had a special connection with the man and his work. In her own work, like Renoir, her optimistic views of life are evoked through the vibrant colors she uses in her Impressionistic portraits and seascapes. Her work can be found at her online gallery, and she invites those interested in her paintings to contact her. She is available for private commissions.

To learn more about the artwork of Andrea Rose®, visit: Andrea Rose's Artist Loft
contact Andrea Rose® about commissioning a work, e-mail